Saturday, August 2, 2014

Just a quick update

I just wanted to write something to explain why I haven't posted in a while.  I've been doing some travelling and some SCIENCE!  I flew down to LA for my little sister's wedding.  She is Rita Gomez now.  It was nice to get to spend a little time with my sister.  After I got back to Oregon I immediately went out to the high desert to help out at a field school.  Also first my mother and then my wife's mother were visiting.  Their visits allowed me to do more work than usual and make a little money, as well as facilitating my travelling.  So that's why I've been incommunicado.  But I promise to step up my writing again this week.  

Right now I am working on a couple of blog posts that are just more general posts on politics.  I'm working on the idea of what America really stands for, and I am also going to write a smaller article on socialism in America (because it turned into an overlong tangent for a different entry).  I also want to write about some of my more out there personal ideas about what can be done to make our country better, like universal service and different educational priorities for high-schools.  I would also like to write a bit about my pet hypothesis of why humans out-competed Neanderthals a couple dozen millennia ago.  So I got stuff rattling around in my head.  Plus, since current events seem to be the things people actually read on my blog I will try to keep on top of things going on in the world.

It was great to get a chance to get out and do some archaeology this past week.  Getting out into the desert and living in a tent is hugely refreshing for me.  I realized while I was out there this summer that it has become a vital thing for me to live rough for part of the year.  Living in a tent with no climate control seems to help make the rest of the year a little more pleasant.  It really recharges my batteries.  Plus I got to help find archaeological specimens.  We found basketry fragments, projectile points, and I found my first coprolites (ancient poop for the non-archaeologists).  The field school was a reopening of a previously excavated site that had been extensively looted.  So this was a meaningful opportunity to get real data out of a damaged site.  It was good fun.

I hope everyone is doing well.

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  1. i went camping recently and my phone died on the way to the location. it was so peaceful :) no buzzes, or notifications, and i got to sleep under thunder and lightning! its nice to just get out into the elements and reset your computer every now and then.